Naho Kubota 

Blue flower 

Blue flower

About the artist

The colour palette chosen by Naho Kubota, a Japanese photographer based in New York, is gentle, favouring pastel colours. Her world seems to float slightly above our own, in a sort of fluffy mist, apparently unfettered by any form of gravity. She applies the same delicate method to the objects of her contemplation, be they fragile flowers or the American West’s desert landscapes, airy seaside froth or garage walls splattered with paint. A form of weightless poetry pervades her images.


You mainly work with a 6x6 square-format camera. What do you like about this format? How does it affect your compositions?
6x6 has always been my favourite format. I do shoot with other formats, of course, but for most of my work, this format fits very well.
I believe with this format, your eyes move around in the picture in a repetitive manner and come back to the centre in the end. I feel this is a very stable and balanced format for me.

There is an ethereal quality, a beautiful lightness and softness that come across in your work - whether still life, landscape, fashion, or personal abstract research. Would you agree that your aesthetics are very much in line with Japanese photographic traditions, even though you have mainly studied and worked in the United States?

I agree: my work has a strong visual association with my Japanese background, especially in my response to colour and composition.
I developed my approach outside my home country, so this is always very fascinating to hear. You would be surprised at how few are taking this approach in Japan itself.

What's the Yellow Room and how did you discover the place?

Yellow room is a car-painting garage. I discovered the place when I was studying photography in college. I remember it was night-time when I first saw it, so I went back there on the next day. I'm glad it’s still there, and I go back there from time to time - it’s an on-going project.

You started this series 6 years ago and are still exploring the room. How does this location respond to your artistic concerns?
This project is a documentation of timelessness. Time is always an important subject in my photography, so I am keen to document the place by focusing on things that stay the same rather than things that change with time. These two photographs were taken 3 years apart, for instance. When I return to the garage after a while, I always find new machines and tools. It’s easy for people to notice the change, but most of the things stay the same: stains on the wall, the colours of the room and so on. By photographing this room, I want to visualize matter in very subtle ways.

Limited edition, numbered and signed. 

Selected shows and awards

Future Perfect,  New York, 2010
Mellow Mode, Destination Art Space, New York, 2009
New Pictoria, The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT), Tokyo, 2008
Song of myself, powerHouse Arena, New York, NY, 2008
INTO THE WHITE, Way of Woman exhibit and interview
Sportmax – Maxmara, 2011
Unrevealed, Minimum Structure, Woman in Photography, 2010

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Naho Kubota 
Blue flower


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Digital Lambda c-print on satin paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


30 x 30 cm, Edition of 50 180.00 €

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