Pinar & Viola 

Cobra II 

Cobra II

About the artist

the connected age

Born / Work
Istanbul - Paris

Education / Career

Pinar and Viola fell in love during their master studies at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, since then they have been collaborating.

Significant projects, works in progress
As part of their practice, every year, Pinar & Viola launch an autonomous graphic design collection where they create a fantasy scenario reflecting a happening, a sensation or a change which we believe will mark the years to come. These charismatic, ‘one-off’ surface collections can be considered as an enhancement of the prestige of their studio. 
The Credit Card Collection: Surface Collection 2011
Diva Opaque, Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy: Surface Collection 2012
Scandal Aqua - Thrill Seekers Leaked: Surface Collection 2013
Currently working on a new collection.


How would you describe your style?
We create cutting edge-images displaying aesthetic impressions and critical concepts of the near future.

Which are your main sources of inspiration (artists, graphic designers, etc.)?

Mainly things invisible to the naked eye. We smell them.

What would you say about the 2 works exhibited at ArtLigue? 
They are both surfaces where the Cobra Art Movement is revived in the folk art of the contemporary digital folklore. The visual statement is an upgrade of the conventional understanding of the Cobra movement. On the surface, the impulsive and intuitive beauty of digital folklore is outshined, and the folk art of today flourishes on the vernacular World Wide Web, all parading with hijacked Cobra creatures. The original artwork is a mural painting commissioned by Cobra Museum Amsterdam. 

Which was the creative process for these artworks? Does it fit the usual way you work? 
Does your creative process change according the context (be the project artistic, or commissions etc.)?
Yes: every time we have a commission or self-initiated project we study that subject and carry out excessive research on it. For us, this is the only way to become an expert in visual culture. Even though each image is always custom tailored according to the needs of a given subject, we also have personal periodical fascinations. These two artworks were made in 2012, while we were carried away by folkloric expressions in the streets of the internet.

What is your vision of today's graphic design landscape? 
We don't really have an opinion about the subject. 

According to you, is there a border between art and graphic design, are they 2 separated entities ? If so, where do you see the borderline? 
Should graphic design enter the field of art or is it already part of it? 
We think that the word border creates constraints rather than vision.

Limited edition, numbered and signed. 

Selected shows and awards

MOTI Hotel, Breda, Pays-Bas, 2013
FunFair Denim Shooting, KesselsKramer Gallery, Los Angeles
I’ll Make You Feel Real, Lobster House, Amterdam, 2013
Unbreak My Copy, Prague, 2013
Ecstatic Surface Design Collection 2013, PilevneliProject, Istanbul, 2012
Romanca of Running, organized by Nike, 2012
Michael & Mondrian, Gallery Guns&Butter, 2012

Selected publications


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Pinar & Viola 
Cobra II


Technical information

Pigment print on Hahnemuehle Ultrasmooth paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


40 x 50 cm, Edition of 80 120.00 €
Add a frame (artist's choice - for another choice, please contact us)  

Shadowbox, black wooden, glassX

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