Taisuke Koyama 

Untitled (Melt 07.1) 

Untitled (Melt 07.1)

About the artist

Taisuke Koyama likes the finer details: materials, textures, colours. For some years, the photographer’s focus has been rainbows, fogged surfaces and walls with cracked paint, from which he draws brightly-coloured abstract tableaux.


In your early work, the subject was still identifiable (a whitewashed shop window, cracked paint, fogged up glass, etc.), then you gradually became more abstract. Can you trace the evolution in your work, and what created your desire for abstraction?
I “set” my eyes depending on the subject; I come more or less close to it. I consider the subject as a landscape in which I decide to focus on a specific point in more detail. I try to reflect change, traces of mutation under way.

What does the world reveal about itself when observed at such close range?

Showing just a little, focusing your gaze on a circumscribed point, is a manner of restricting the information given to the viewer, who finds himself needing to interpret the material. Ultimately, as you come closer and closer, you offer more freedom to sense the photographed world.

Can you tell us about these two works? How important are they in your artistic career?
These two photographs were taken after I ended the Entropix series in 2008. It was a series about the city as a kind of living organism, an organic body. I captured these details as if gathering a collection of butterflies. These two images are a continuation of this work and transitioned into my next work, the Melting Rainbows series.

Almost every project you conduct comes with a book: how important is publishing to your work?

To me, photography is a medium that can adapt to a variety of media and formats. In a world where images are consumed so fast, I like the durability offered by paper and books.

Limited edition, numbered and signed. 

Selected shows and awards

POST BODY / NATURE - Taisuke Koyama x Takashi Kawashima, LhGWR, The Hague, NL (Forthcoming), 2017
Generates Images,
Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, Tokyo, 2016
New Light, 
Sunday Gallery, Zurich, 2015
Rainbow Variations & other works, Metronom, Modena, Italy, 2013
Circulation, G/P + G3 gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2013
Rainbow Waves, G/P gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2013
Setouchi Triennale 2013, Shodoshima, Japan, 2013
Daegu Photo Biennale 2012 Main Exhibition: Photography Is Magic!, Daegu, South Korea, 2012
In Fragments (Video Art Festival Moving 2012), Kyoto Art Center, 2012
Kyoto Nonagon Photon, G/P Gallery, Tokyo, 2012

Contemporary Japanese Photobooks, The Photographer’S Gallery, London, 2012
The 15th Japan Media Arts Festival, The National Art Center, Tokyo, 2012
Sandwich Textures, G/P Gallery, Tokyo, 2011
Polytope, Gallery 9.5, Kyoto, 2011
Pictures, Diptrics, Tokyo, 2011
Insitu Fort Canning Hill, Singapore Art Festival, Singapore, 2011
As Long As Rainbow Lasts, Soka Art Center, Taipei, 2011
Japanese Photobooks Now, Le Bal, Paris, 2011
Melting Rainbows / Starry, G/P Gallery, Tokyo, 2010
Artworks From An10, Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Foyer, Tokyo, 2010
3331 Presents Tokyo, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2010
Tokyo Visualist, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010
Entropix, Spiral Garden, Tokyo
Entropix, G/P Gallery, Tokyo, 2009
Entropix: High Speed Slide Show, Nadiff Gallery, Tokyo, 2009
Tokyo Play Ground At Designtide Tokyo 2009, Tokyo Midtown Hall, Tokyo, 2009
Tokyo Portfolio Review Vol.2, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, 2009
Boundary X, Gallery Rocket, Tokyo, 2008
Dark Matter, No.12 Gallery, Tokyo, 2007

Pigozzi Collection, 2011

The 15th Japan Media Arts Festival [Jury Recommended Works], Tokyo (Physical Forest), 2012
Selected For 25th Photography Hitotsubo Award, Tokyo, 2005

Selected publications

The City Breathes And Ages, A World Of Wonders Vol. 340, Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Tokyo, 2013
Compilation: Tokyo, Self Publish, Be Happy X Goliga, Tokyo, 2013
Photography Is Magic!, Daegu Photo Biennale Organizing Committee, South Korea, 2012
Unseen Photo Fair, Lecturis, Amsterdam, 2012
Physical Forest, Planetary Photobooks 001, Heuristic + Artbeat Publishers, Tokyo, 2011
Sandwich Textures, Lumen #09, G/P Gallery + Artbeat Publishers, Tokyo, 2011
Sandwich Textures Pdf, Taisuke Koyama Project, Tokyo, 2011
Wiildffirrre, Sony Lovezine Project, Tokyo, 2011
Insitu Fort Canning Hill, A Beautiful /Banal Book, Singapore, 2011
As Long As Rainbow Lasts, Soka Art Center, Taipei, 2011
Melting Rainbows, Taisuke Koyama Projects, Tokyo, 2010
FOAM Album 09, FOAM_Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam, 2009
Tokyo Visualist, D.D.Wave, Tokyo, 2009
Entropix, Artbeat Publishers, Tokyo, 2008
Dark Matter, Utrecht, Tokyo, 2007
Inter Communication No.61 Tokyo Scaning, NTT Publishing, Tokyo, 2007
Your Surviving Door, Art By Xerox, Tokyo, 2004

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Taisuke Koyama 
Untitled (Melt 07.1)


Technical information

Pigment print on Ilford Gallery Gold Fibre Silk Paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


50 x 33,5 cm, Edition of 50 250.00 €

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