Anna Pantelia 

Alba, Recycle 


About the artist

Anna Pantelia was born in Athens. She is studying at the Faculty of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of Technological Educational Institute of Athens and she also attended classes at Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Her main photography work is directed to photojournalism and it is focused in immigration's minorities' and financial crisis' issues. She has collaborated as a photojournalist at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) at Geneva.


How do you approach photography as a means of expression? Would you say your photography talks about the world, or about your (inner) world?
Photography is not just a means of expression for me, it’s more of a way to communicate with the audience. My aim is not only to talk about my inner world, but to show unknown stories to the public from my point of view. Creating something unusual gives me the possibility to capture the public's attention in order to transfer messages related to the current situation in Greece. Facing the same difficulties as most people in Greece makes me believe that in such difficult times, my main goal is to let people know that the young generation is the one that’s going to change the current state of affairs.

Your work, either reportage or more experimental, seems to want to strike a balance between people and their environment. Could you tell us about your work "Alba"?
Combining buildings with portraits of young people seeks to convey the idea that the future belongs to the new generation that has to rebuild its future on new foundations.

Would you say the Greek art scene is echoing the crisis endured by the country and its people? Do you feel it’s taking a stand?

I definitely believe that if there is one thing that benefited from the crisis in Greece, it’s art. Young artists like me, particularly, started to work on their projects during the crisis, meaning they faced great difficulties in finding funding to continue their studies and projects. “Talking” about our problems represents almost everyone in Greece: I could even say that the projects that relate to the financial situation in our country are autobiographical much more than art for art.

What projects are you working on at the moment? What are the issues you would like to address in your future work?
At the moment, I am working on projects around the problems young people face as a result of financial problems, human rights abuses and religious issues. I would like to explore these issues on a more global scale, in different countries and communities.

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Anna Pantelia 
Alba, Recycle


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