Emmanuelle Blanc 

Sans titre N°5, Alpes 

Sans titre N°5

About the artist

She loves colour,
the square format of her 6x6 film camera,
landscapes and architecture.

French photographer Emmanuelle Blanc travels the mountains, driven by the void between things. Photographer Emmanuelle Blanc, an architect by training, uses photography as a tool to describe our environment, the architecture and landscapes in which we live, which we pass through.
In her work as a photographer, in both her images of architecture and the mountains, what captures her interest is the void that connects things together, the very essence of the Japanese concept of "Ma".
This is the matrix of her projects.
Emmanuelle grew up in the mountains: she feels at home up there. In 2011, she allowed herself to take pictures of the mountains as part of a specific project - France(s), Territoire liquide, a collaborative project involving 43 photographers deigned to conduct collective photographic research of France’s changing landscapes.
She next explored Renaissance painting – which gave us the word "landscape", and Romanticism - which questions the place of man in the face of the elements and plays with our emotions.
Armed with a simple question - “does France still have many natural landscapes of true wilderness, with no trace of human presence?” –
she scoured the country, looking for the wildest possible sites.


Selected shows and awards

Selected publications

-Cartographie d’une extrême occupation humaine, France(s) territoire liquide. ed. Le Seuil, coll. Fiction et Cie, 2014
-Écarts . L’ascension translucide. 2014
-La Visite. DVD auto-édité 2011
-La maison Carré, Alvar Aalto, Bazoches sur Guyonne. Ed from "Académie Alvar Aalto", 2008
-Portraits de villes : Brasilia – Chandigarh – Le Havre. 2007
-Saint Ouen, images d’usines – parcours - photographies d’Emmanuelle Blanc. 2006
-Aeby & Perneger, architectes, Genève.  Ed Quart Verlag Luzern 2008
-Musée d’Orsay. Rapport d’Activitées 2008
-La maison Zervos, Le Vézelay. Ed. des Cahiers d’Art, 2014
-Les Bains des Docks, Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Publications dans la presse nationale et internationale 2008/13, et ed. Taschen
-Presse Internationale. A&B, AD, AMC, Ark, d’A, En Route, Le Monde, Indesign, Intramuros, l’Officiel, Exé, etc... nationale et internationale


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Emmanuelle Blanc 
Sans titre N°5, Alpes


Technical information

Pigment print on Platine Rag Canson paper 310g- limited edition, numbered and signed certificate. Framed on request. Exist in different formats.


90 x 90 cm, Edition of 6 1400.00 €

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