Felix Pfäffli 



About the artist


Born / Works

Lucerne, Switzerland / Lucerne, Switzerland.

Studies / Career

Bachelor in Graphic Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Siences and Arts.

Projects that were important/decisive to you so far,
I only accept orders that I find important and fun.

Ongoing projects

A Lot.


How would you describe your style?
Phew. It's always difficult to describe your own work. But I try. I think the reduction is certainly an issue. Also illustration. I really like it when it is simple, loud and concise. And I hate to repeat myself. Perhaps you could describe it as a reduced pop with a touch of Swiss tradition?

Which are your main sources of inspiration (artists, graphic designers, other) ?
Actually, everything. Life, discussions, arts, whatever. Just everything that I experienced in my life. Sometimes it is something totally random that gives me an idea. Finally every encounter triggers something. And when I’m stuck, I often talk and talk about my projects in order to gain the largest possible spectrum of ideas. In this sense, I guess my friends are my inspiration. And of course I think the more works, the more paintings, the more arts you know, the better you know how to continue the story.

What would you say about the work on display at ArtLigue?
What would YOU say?

What was the creative process for this work?

It's almost impossible to describe. For that I would have to be able to show the complete research and all experiments and considerations. The only thing I can say is that the final work looks completely different than I initially planned.

Is it consistent with your usual approach?
Yes and no. I don't work very often with photography. But with respect to the simplicity I think it's absolutely something that fits my work.

What is your view on graphic design today?
I hope the future is less about marketing and more about courage.

Do you believe there is a boundary between visual arts and graphic design? If so, where would you place it?
Of course. A graphic designer works because he gets a concrete job. An artist, on the other hand, just works because he decides to work. This is in my opinion a huge difference.

Should graphic design be included in the arts, or does it already belong there?

Graphic Design can be art, but it doesn’t have to and is mostly not.

Limited edition, numbered and signed.

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Felix Pfäffli 


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Digital c-print on glossy paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


50 x 35 cm, Edition of 80 120.00 €

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