Opening Thursday October 17, 2013

With the artists!

Join us for the opening of our new exhibit. A group gathering the most exciting authers from today's graphic design scene.
From Thusday October 17 to November 12, 2013.

9 rue des Arquebusiers
75003 Paris

For New TopoGraphicDesigners, ArtLigue and guest curator Vanessa Titzé have brought together twelve graphic artists who, for the occasion, were prepared to play by the rules of multiples. The idea is to present a vision - obviously biased, deliberately subjective - of a new scene composed of individuals who work on the border between art and graphic design; together, they offer a broad overview of today’s graphic arts landscape.
Our selection focuses on the scene’s new guard, surrounded by a few key figures who opened up the way.

The title of the exhibition - New TopoGraphicDesigners – is a nod to New Topographics, a notorious exhibition and landmark moment in the history of contemporary photography. It was held in Rochester (NY) in 1975, with works by nine photographers (the Bechers and eight “young photographers”, among which Stephen Shore, Lewis Baltz and Nicholas Nixon). Working around the theme of man-altered landscapes, their seminal work influenced generations of landscape photographers. Our own endeavour, although much less ambitious, sets out to present an overview of new areas of graphic design, which in France are seldom granted their rightful place in galleries or museums. It is also a tribute to photography, as all of the authors invited to this special collaboration with ArtLigue have worked directly (collage for instance) or indirectly (through a conceptual reference) on the use of the photographic medium.
The works – offered on the ArtLigue website from October 17 – will be produced in a limited edition of 80 and provided with a certificate numbered and signed by the artist.


As a specialist in multiples edition (multiple copies of the same work, numbered and signed by the artist), ArtLigue has so far focused on the photographic medium. A year and a half ago, we offered our first demanding and international selection of artworks, which grew month after month with every new conversation and discovery. Today, ArtLigue is expanding into graphic design, a discipline which, like photography, is essentially replicable. ArtLigue, as an art editor, is interested in the graphic work before it is applied to an actual object, when it is still in the experimental stages that often precede a commission – or is simply an expression of the designer’s desires – and therefore benefits from greater creative freedom.